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To import an existing android app and run it, follow the instructions


1. Eclipse IDE 2. Android SDK

once the requirements are meet.

To run the example apps

Download the apks form the following links
Enter the ip address in the browser and click packages link


go to the android-sdk-linux_x86/tools/
give the command
$sh android

once you see the AVD manager

click Virtual devices which is the first option on left side of the windows. select new AVD (Android Virtual Device) on the right side. give any name select the target as 2.2. select skin > Built in as HVGA click the button that say's create AVD.

once you are done creating the AVD. select it and click Start on the right side. You will get another window in which you have to click the launch byutton Wait till you see the home screen. once you see the home screen go back to the terminal and go to this path. android-sdk-linux_x86/platform-tools/ now give the command ./adb -e install -r <location of the apk>

once you get the success message go to the emulator and check the applications menu and see if the app has been installed.

For importing the projects in eclipse

Download the archive extract the archive in home folder. Open eclipse > click file > Import existing projects Browse to the /home/<user>/<extracted folder> click ok

Now the imported app will be visible in package explorer in eclipse which is located in the left side of the windows. If you get errors then right click the main project folder select build path in that select configure build path a preference window is shown to you in that select android on the left side. You will be presented with options of android versions on right side from which select Android 2.2 and say ok.

Now you should not see any error.

Once you are done with importing the packages right click on the package and select run > android application.

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