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Steps for Gnu/linux users:

1.Register yourself at [email protected]

2.Install telugu fonts

apt-get install ttf-telugu-fonts

3.Install and configure SCIM input method

sudo apt-get install scim scim-gtk2-immodule scim-m17n m17n-lib m17n-db language-pack-te language-support-te

4.Obtain keyboard

wget “” -O te-rts.mim

          su -c "cp te-rts.mim /usr/share/m17n/"

5. In your home directory, create a file named .gnomerc with the following contents:

               export XMODIFIERS='@im=SCIM'
               export GTK_IM_MODULE="scim"
               export QT_IM_MODULE="scim"
               scim -d &

If you are not able to enable scim you can choose telugu-rts from telugu keyboard present on home page of

Now SCIM is successfully installed in the machine, restart your machine.

    use ctrl+space to enable and disable the scim:
            After enabling the SCIM choose Telugu and telugu rts from the list of languages 

Now open your respective Po file in pootle server, Here you can see two text boxes, which contain original text and translation box for telugu….click in translation box, enable scim and start translating!!!

if you are facing problems please join #eswecha channel in

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