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Student Free Software Projects Program

Aim of the program

The main goal of this program is to make students aware of FS(Free Software) technologies and implement it on a project. Project mentors will help the students to initially get a grip on the concept and jump start on the technologies required for their corresponding projects. For the students, it is not just to complete the project but to get a awareness of the available FS technologies. At the end of the program students will become potential contributors for Free software projects.

Role of Swecha

Swecha will facilitate the projects in selecting mentors for the student teams and will provide a platform for mentors and students to coordinate work. Initially it will set standards for execution of the program and will periodically monitor the progress of projects to ensure quality.

Role of Mentors

Mentors will mostly comprise people from Industry and Academician chapter of Swecha. They will train students on FS technologies and guide them to follow the |SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle) as well as Industry standards. Students will be groomed as software professionals and Mentors will ensure they seriously involve in the projects. Primary POC(Point of Contact) for the students will be their corresponding Mentor.


Students from ten odd colleges will participate in teams of 4-8 members per team to complete a project in a stipulated amount of time. They need to install GNU/Linux on their workstations and go through a initial training of Software Carpentry. After that stage they will go through technologies which they will use to complete the project. They will strictly follow the SDLC and will adhere to Industry standards.

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