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Setting up FirefoxOS

Install Firefox

  • Download latest firefox from here

Aurora Download Page

  • Untar firefox by
    • tar -jvxf firefox-35.0a2.en-US.linux-x86_64.tar.bz2
  • Run firefox (Go into the uncompressed folder and run “firefox” file)

The WebIDE

  • Once the firefox is open, go to Tools → Web Developer → WebIDE

 Launching WebIDE

  • You can also press Shift+F8 to open the WebIDE.
  • Once you do that, WebIDE will appear.


Installing ADB & Simulator

  • After installing firefox and opening the WebIDE, click on the “Select Runtime” and then “Install Simulator”

 Launching Install Simulator

  • This will open up a view with many options. “Install ADB Helper Add-on”

 Install ADB Helper Add-on

  • Also install Firefox 2.0 Simulator.

 Install the Simulator

Is the font in WebIDE small ??

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