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-==Adding content== 
-  * Click on **add content** in top black menu 
-  * Then click on **Basic page** 
-  * Give **Title** as **Workshop** 
-  * Write a summary about workshop in the **body** 
-  * Check the box **Provide a menu link** under **Menu Settings** below **Text format** group 
-  * Give **Workshop** in **Menu link title** 
-  * Ensure **<Main menu>** under **Parent item** 
-  * Choose **1** as **Weight** and click **save** 
-Similarly create pages about **Prepare your computer**, **Software carpentry** & **CMS** but ensure **Workshop** under **Parent item** for the new pages 
-==Contact form== 
-   * Goto **Modules** in top black menu and search for **contact** 
-   * Check the box in the **Enabled** column near **contact** 
-   * Scroll down & **Save configuration** 
-   * Goto **Structure** > **Menus** in top black menu 
-   * Click **List links** near **Main menu** 
-   * Click **Add link** 
-   * Configure the menu item 
-     * **Contact us** as **Menu link title** 
-     * **contact** as **Path** and **Save** 
-==Creating blocks== 
-==Normal blocks== 
-   * Click on **Structure** in the top black menu & then click **Blocks** 
-   * Then click **Add block** 
-   * Configure block 
-     * **About Workshop** in **Block description** & **Block title** 
-     * Write a summary about workshop in **Block body** 
-   * Then **Save block** 
-==Creating a "​Content type"​== 
-   - Navigate to the Content types page (Administer > Structure > Content types). 
-   - Click Add Content Type. 
-   - In the Name field, add a name for the content type. The name is required. Note that if you start entering a name into the name field, a "​machine name" starts showing to the right of the title. To edit the machine name, click the edit link. 
-   - In the Description field, you can write a description of the content type that will show up on the Add new content page (Administer > Content > Add new content). 
-   - Set your preferred default values for this content type. Content you create of this content type will have these values by default. The values can be overridden for each content created. You can specify default values for Submission form settings, Publishing options, Display settings, Comment settings and Menu settings. 
-   - Do one of the following: 
-     - To add the content type using only the title and body fields, click Save Content Type.  
-     - You can add more fields later. 
-     - To add the content type and begin adding more fields, click Save and Add Fields 
-==Adding "​fields"​ to "​Content type"​== 
-   - Navigate to the Content types page (Administer > Structure > Content types). 
-   - In the table, locate the row that contains your content type and click the manage fields link. 
-   - In the Add new field section, enter a label for the field. 
-   - In the Field name field, enter the machine name for the field. You can only use numbers, lower-case letters and the   ​underscore character (_). 
-   - In the field type list, select one of the field type you want to  create. 
-   - In the Widget field, select a widget. The options vary depending on the field type. 
-   - Click Save. 
-==Changing Themes== 
-  * Select Apperarence in the top menu 
-  * Below You will find the available themes ​ 
-  * Inorder to change themes click on "set default"​ for already enabled themes "​enable and set default"​ for disabled themes beside the theme to set it default 
-==Installing new themes== 
-  * Download any theme from http://​​project/​themes .For example Download Marinelli theme from http://​​project/​marinelli . 
-  * Extract it to "​sites/​all/​themes"​ (you might need to change permissions sometimes). 
-  * Go to browser and click on "​Appearence"​ here you will find you new theme in the disabled section of themes. 
-  * Click on "​Enable and set default"​ to enable it . 
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