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Using Telugu on GNU/Linux

  • You can try out the Telugu localised desktop using the Swecha LiveCD distribution.
  • For input, see the keyboard setup instructions.
  • For fonts, see the font installation instructions.
  • To setup a browser follow browser setup instructions.
  • Updating cultural data in the Telugu Locale
  • Telugu User Interface (UI) and keyboard layouts in Gnome 3

Project Information

Student Free Software Projects



  • Get the releases from the project download page.
  • Download the Indic enabled Firefox.
  • Wordlist and Dictionaries (Aspell). Download


  • The project mailing list is localization@swecha.net
  • Join the mailing list to receive announcements, seek help and contribute to the discussions.
  • Browse the archives of the mailing list to see the discussions in the past.
  • You can look for help on #swecha channel on irc.freenode.net.

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